Red Valentino Hair, CHANEL and L.O.V.E. Letters… Let’s Accessorize!

A Black woman with an adorable red bob haircut and matching lipstick.

Now that we’re at the start of real spring weather and on the razor edge of winter, the Black women of DC are wearing some very creative styles — and I’ve noticed. Here are a few precious spring finds, and one local store that has insane winter deals if you don’t mind going back, to stock up for the future.

Your Spring Flings

Red Valentino bag and matching hair

I saw a very cute artistic couple strolling on their way to Adams Morgan. The young woman had, no lie now, a beautiful bob cut that was the exact same color of this bag she was toting. WOW. That is so very difficult to do, but this girl nailed it. A wild, metallic paprika shade! I saw the big “V” on the bag and was able to track it down later with that much information.

Metallic red Valentino bag.
Red metallic Valentino bag at

CHANEL pearl glasses with matching shoes

First, before I explain what I saw while on the Red Line, here’s the extreme version on Rihanna, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

Images of Rihanna wearing pearl CHANEL sunglasses.
Google image search did not let me down at all on this one.

Well, in real life, some lovely person thought to grab some conservative CHANEL shades for her on-the-way-to-work-wear with just a hint of those pearls…

And this must have been her favorite brand because she paired it with pink and black CHANEL cloth flats—I didn’t even know CHANEL made this relaxed style!

Purple CHANEL shades with pearl handles.
You can still get these at the CHANEL store online.


Check these out at

Your Cool Weather Throwbacks

3D hats

And it’s definitely your last chance this season to grab and wear one of these… I saw a girl at Fort Totten wearing a cozy black knit hat adorned with the pink letters, “L-O-V-E.” Awww… But will these still be on-trend by fall? I so hope so. Don’t be surprised if you see more of these 3D letter “hip-hop” hats this spring and even in the summer. Strange that a few websites are calling these hip-hop hats, when to me, it’s just a normal cool hat…

Colorful knit hats with 3D letters.
Looks like has these.

It’s been fun trying to imagine what phrase I’d put on my hat. Maybe… X-E-N-A??

Tip: Now is the time to capitalize on Accessorize

This is your very last chance to get slashed, super cute winter gear from my favorite accessories store… Accessorize. (Well, I’m also torn between the ALDO Accessories store on the top level of Pentagon City.)  But Accessorize is my special, secret top place to get winter-time hats, gloves, scarves that are actually warm, not cheaply made and on-trend. Why does everything look on trend in this store? Well, it does happen to be a British store. Their en mode British flair reminds me of European H&M (which has Swedish roots, by the way).

And each time I’ve been in Accessorize over the last few weeks, some very fashionable, not-pushy, super-friendly, extremely helpful Black men and women have been at the counter making sure customers got the best deals they could find for them. One afternoon, a young woman stood outside of the Accessorize at Union Station and warmly welcomed a group of us strangers in. We were all so charmed and the sale was so good, that I think everyone bought something.

Fancy knit, faux fur and wool hats, gloves and scarves from Accessorize
The Accessorize hats, gloves and scarves in my closet are breeding like bunnies.

During that visit, I got a very cute (what I’ve nicknamed) ‘babushka’-style faux fur hat in champagne pink, and a very warm, fuzzy knit scarf that was an incredible deep blue. I love colors so deep that they are close to black. This was an $8 hat, marked down from $43, and the veeery well-made scarf was going for a song too! Trust me, I knit. I know.

At that, I went back another week and grabbed a navy blue ‘babushka’ hat. I was able to match it with a faux fur collar I got from Accessorize last year.

Tip: If you are a super-thrifty person like me, early spring is the time to stock up for next fall, babes.

A lot of people are talking about fast forwarding to hot weather trends, but look — I am tryin’ ta save ya’lls some money.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for deals right now?



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