Beauty and the Beast: Flowers and Studs

Nude studded shoes with spring flowered bag.

It’s a tale as old as time… looks from the 90s are coming back: shoes with studs and grommets, and this spring’s floral prints will be “quirky, irreverent, and a touch subversive” according to Allure magazine. Men and women are getting more options for punk shoes and floral patterns, and you can already see it happening on the streets of DC.

Dark Beauty

Floral print bags are really in, but the darker versions are irresistible. I have a huge BCBG navy blue tote bag that I love, and that my sisters hate because it errs on the side of ghetto fabulous and tacky… I use it for work anyway. But I recently ditched my favorite, spacious solid navy blue dream purse for another bag I’ve fallen in love with. I found this Steve Madden tote bag at DSW, in the clearance section. I liked the flowers, but was sold on the black zippers and other punk details.

This bag is a great and affordable example of those “subversive” floral prints that Allure was alluding to.

Quilted tote bag with white, blue and pink flowers.

While I loved the big studded tassle and glistening glam of my old BCBG bag (from Marshall’s), this Steve Madden quilted tote is such a cozy vacation from a stiff, structured workbag. Everything fits in it, even the last minute shopping I bring home from work at times. And, it goes with everything. Really, this is a bag full of earthtones that go with jeans, black, tan, gray white and nearly anything other anchor color you already have in your closet.

Check back later in the week for tips on how to mis-match your nails to a floral purse for a delicious color pop.

The Beast

I used to go to Archbishop Carroll High School (those who know what I’m talking about are laughing and pronouncing it as ‘Currol’ right now), and we joked about making our senior slogan for the big fence on North Capitol Street “The Beast of Northeast.” Honestly, that’s pretty ghetto, especially for a catholic school, which is probably why the teachers never let it happen.

But I did actually run into a man who could have fit that title, “The Beast of Northeast” on the Union Station Metro recently.

Along with a wild faux-hawk, and the rest of his clever red and white rocker get up, he was wearing blue leather high top shoes covered in silver spikes and grommets. He was rushing out of Union Station and I was rushing in, but I did look up his shoes online later.

Christian Louboutin blue leather shoes with studs and grommets.
As seen on

These are Christian Louboutin shoes, and, since I can’t currently find them on the official website, it’s possible they were big last year. But more than applicable now that 90s punk looks are making a comeback, right here, in DC.

All men looking for more creative footwear should definitely check out Christian Louboutin shoes. I had no idea men had so many options. There are even oxfords suitable for work that have tiny golden studs on them. I kind of hear Biggie’s voice over my shoulder right now, ‘If you don’t know, now you know.’ Yeah, I’m a believer!

Creative men's shoes on
Creative men’s shoes at

Tip: For the cheaper version, there are lots of off-season Louboutin styles on ebay right now. You can save yourself some bucks.


Where did you find your favorite punk accessory?



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