How to Mis-match Your Nails to a Floral Purse

Flower print bag with blue, pink, yellow and green nail polish options.

I think we’ve all tried matching our nails to the bag we know we’ll be using frequently. It helps amp up the color. But mis-matching your nails to a floral purse is sassy, and another way to go punk and help along an unusual floral print if you’ve just bought one. I recently got this Steve Madden quilted tote bag that has black leather punk accents and many earthtone or light-colored flowers.

Quilted tote bag with white, blue and pink flowers.

Use this walkthrough to inspire your own brave mis-match combinations.


The match:

Blue, white and pink nail polish.

Matching is easier, so let’s start there. There are plenty of spring colors alongside the black punk accents to work with. Essie’s lilacism (a light, dusty blue) and find me an oasis (snowy white-blue), Revlon’s flirt (a warm purple), OPI Pink Friday (a milky, light pink). And any black, gray or white nail polish (ivory, cream, soft glitter) would be a good choice here.

The mismatch:

Chartreuse green and lemon yellow nail polish.

We’re not going to shoot for complementary colors. That’s too striking of a contrast for this purse (orange, red and bright grassy green are too outside the color scheme). Instead, we’ll twist a spring pattern into a punk reversal by turning the colors in the floral print up a notch. Extra coats of OPI Did It On ‘Em (dusky chartreuse green) to bring out the olive color of the leaves (can you tell I used to be a huge Nicki Minaj fan?) should work. And if the yellow-fad is calling you, we’ll have to be careful since all of these are softer colors. A lemon sherbert yellow is right in that color scheme and you can get it with Lemon Heaven Sally Hansen Gel.


Or, tone it down with Sally Hansen’s Pat on the Black (a rich black-purple) or Revlon’s Sultry, a shimmery deep purple blue that will unite and deepen the lavender and sky hues of this bag, on my fingers. And, if you still would like to see some green, a very dark blue-based navy green is about as green as I would get with this bag.

Puple and green nail polish.



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