Are You A Punky Brewster? Brew Up Punk Looks of Your Own

LEGO girls dressed in punk clothes with cute accessories

If you’ve been following along all month, you’ve got your mad-pretty choker from one of the special choker hot spots in Washington, D.C., and you’ve got some great punk lip colors lined up. You’ve even mastered the ancient art of ombre. Here are a few more clever lipstick extras if you’d like to break the mold wide open. So then, on with doing the nineties fashion scene your way, much like a very independent freckle-faced orphan girl we all loved…

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Speed Friending: The Next Hot DC Trend?

Lauren Ferrell and Jazmin Childress on the mic at Policy.

This may be a fashion blog, but let me tell you—nothing is more fashionable than a trendy Washington, D.C. hotspot full of inspired women determined to make positive connections. (We were also encouraged to “slay” in our best outfits, because ‘the friends who slay together, stay together.’) I went out to have fun, but the event was so outstandingly brilliant in concept and execution, I just had to write about it: “speed friending.”

The event, aimed at empowering Black women, was dreamed up by girlfriends Jazmin Childress and Lauren Ferrell just three weeks before. I briefly chatted with Jazmin about her goals for the event. Women, especially women of color, need more chances to meet and bond, not just network. So, why not create an event where we sit down, just like speed-dating, and then take turns chatting and moving around the room to see who we can connect with? Lovely concept.

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Get Yo Ombre On

Fake rainbow lipstick with words "omg how do you ombre?"

No, there’s no special ombre lipstick out there… unless you have mad Photoshop skillz like I do. Instead, find out how you can get creative with layering to create ombre and other wildly fun lip looks.

Girl, don’t get me started about some ombre. I saw a woman on the 50 bus wearing the best denim sundress with bold purple lipstick with hot pink lipliner. And, she had blended it well. I also want to mention that very attractive plus-size sista with a dead-on sense of style. She was amazing. Another example of what you can do: at American Apparel in Georgetown, another Black woman, who unlocked the dressing room for me, had the best scarlet ombre lips I’d seen in the 90s or in 2016. The red liner seemed to blend into her nude lips, and I’m in a little panic right now that I have no idea how she did it and can’t imagine how I’ll figure it out. Dang, I should have just asked!

Get the Tools You Need

First, Make it Bright

Well, at least for solid rather than nude ombre lips, I can suggest some tools to help. Again, being kind of a wild-child, I saw Maybelline’s COLORsensational in Wickedly White and, long desperate to try white lipstick, I grabbed it. Now, I’ve tried it on, and white lipstick is definitely not everyday wear, and it might maybe be club wear but I’m not even certain of that… Continue reading Get Yo Ombre On

Smouldering Lips

Other than nineties chokers, dark lipstick can be the centerpiece of any outfit you have, if you want to try the nineties trend this fall. Which is also so very nice for your budget. All over DC, I found deep sapphire, plum, glowing emerald and other clever colors, which are almost better than so many savage shades of burgundy.

And this time around, you can get away with being a little glossy, or you can keep your lips looking velvety soft with this year’s matte lipstick trend extending on into the fall. And then, there’s the magic of ombre lip color. If I can find my old Sam Fine makeup book specifically for women of color, I will be sure to share his ombre lipstick tips, fresh from the 90s, with you here on this blog…

But, oh, the sultry lipstick! Girl, let’s get started.

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Punk Out Yo Boy: Finding 90s Styles for Men

Stack of leather punk blue and ebony men's bracelets with silver anchors and clasps.

After writing about finding punked-out chokers for women, I realized I know of one excellent spot for men to rock 90s styles this fall: where else but ZARA?

ZARA Man has some great sophisticated-while-edgy styles for both genders, but I’ve noticed they have some serious punk vibes pervading the meat and potatoes of every man’s wardrobe. This season’s shirts and jeans at ZARA are brave, but understated with their punk undertones. And definitely check out the accessories section at ALDO for clever leather bracelets. I know, I know — I may sound like a commercial, but I swear, I’m just a huge and sincere fan of this store. And, a fashionable male co-worker of mine revolutionized the wheel for me when he explained that ZARA is always very good to men too.

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