Punk Out Yo Boy: Finding 90s Styles for Men

Stack of leather punk blue and ebony men's bracelets with silver anchors and clasps.

After writing about finding punked-out chokers for women, I realized I know of one excellent spot for men to rock 90s styles this fall: where else but ZARA?

ZARA Man has some great sophisticated-while-edgy styles for both genders, but I’ve noticed they have some serious punk vibes pervading the meat and potatoes of every man’s wardrobe. This season’s shirts and jeans at ZARA are brave, but understated with their punk undertones. And definitely check out the accessories section at ALDO for clever leather bracelets. I know, I know — I may sound like a commercial, but I swear, I’m just a huge and sincere fan of this store. And, a fashionable male co-worker of mine revolutionized the wheel for me when he explained that ZARA is always very good to men too.

Punk T-Shirts

ZARA’s punk or grunge-inspired t-shirts give as much comfortable coverage as ever, but they also boast some brilliant creations: shirts perforated with spatters of grungy holes; sheer panels or even camo-semi-sheer if you don’t want to go so far (take a chance on these “open work” shirts, especially on date night—trust me); and shirts accented with deep black leather. One polo-style shirt included a removable leather collar. A black and white striped shirt that made my mind leap to Tim Burton for whatever reason, had these brilliant frayed parts in the front and back. And my mind was blown by a suede t-shirt — a burgundy suede t-shirt. I’m telling you, the suede looks good. There is a women’s suede shirt in the store, but I guarantee you, it is tailored in a completely different way, it falls differently, and the color options are separate. Everything about this men’s burgundy suede shirt was obviously done with a man specifically in mind. By the way, any woman who sees you wearing that suede shirt will be fighting a powerful urge to stroke down the shirt and see how soft it is (or you are).

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Not that you’re wearing so many t-shirts now that the weather is changing, but these shirts can all point to a punk vibe when layered with sweaters and even bomber jackets which are coming back everywhere, not just at ZARA, so they’re easy to find. And the layers can also help tone down anything you’re experimenting with.

Edgy Casual Shirts

By the way, there are plenty of 90s-style plaid shirts too (you know there have to be), and ZARA has also pulled denim shirts out into their own section of the site for you to find them easily. I don’t know that denim shirts are especially 90s, but my favorite is a laid back charcoal color. This particular shirt could go punk if it wanted to… that shirt could do anything it wants to do.

Charcoal gray denim men's shirt.


Men’s ripped jeans at ZARA have real, gaping holes in the knees, or on the other extreme, they manage to have superficial rips and tears that will not show off your leg meat (if you’re curious but worried about that). And the jeans are slim or not, however you like to wear them.

Bracelets at ALDO

The set of bracelets at ALDO that grabbed me by the throat were snagged together by a silver anchor. That was pretty darn fly! Aaand… looks like they’re on sale.

Stack of blue and wood-brown leather bracelets with silver anchor and embellishments.
I’ve also seen these in black, in the store. As a stack or worn one or two at a time, they look incredible.

I think what impressed me most is that ZARA is helping broaden fashion choices for men. A few years ago, I began noticing men in handsome floral shirts around the city. (These weren’t exclusive to ZARA, but they were a great step in the right direction.) Now, any man who walks into ZARA or clicks through their site can can find the same creative options I enjoy on the woman’s side of the store. ‘Bout damned time, right? That’s exciting… similar fabrics and styles, but definitely and uniquely male. Hey, that’s the beauty of things becoming more equal, all around.

Alright. As promised, here is the shopping list to save you time:

  1. ALDO Basili Bracelets
  2. Waffle T-Shirt (perforated shirt)
  3. Open Work Sweater (sheer panel t-shirt)
  4. Camouflage T-Shirt (semi-sheer)
  5. Polo Shirt With Detachable Collar (leather collar)
  6. Striped T-Shirt With Patches (David Bowie shirt)
  7. Striped Top (black and white striped frayed shirt)
  8. Suede T-Shirt (burgundy, but khaki and tan are also available)
  9. Flowers T-Shirt
  10. Tattoo Top (check out those “sleeves”)

What is the best thing you’ve found at ZARA Man?


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