Are You A Punky Brewster? Brew Up Punk Looks of Your Own

LEGO girls dressed in punk clothes with cute accessories

If you’ve been following along all month, you’ve got your mad-pretty choker from one of the special choker hot spots in Washington, D.C., and you’ve got some great punk lip colors lined up. You’ve even mastered the ancient art of ombre. Here are a few more clever lipstick extras if you’d like to break the mold wide open. So then, on with doing the nineties fashion scene your way, much like a very independent freckle-faced orphan girl we all loved…

Going Gray?

I do have NYX Matte Lipstick in Ultra Dare. I got it from ULTA… of course. Now, I wouldn’t involve gray lipstick in an Ombre situation at all, but I do love this shade and I wanted to include it on the list. It definitely goes into the region of punk or sultry grunge looks, and is, obviously softer than reaching for black. But, I think I would wear this shade of gray instead of going for a plum, actually. It’s that kind of fun color, believe it or not. Also, it’s so soft that you can go in the other direction with it and wear it with denim. I love the look of this lipstick with denim… somehow, when you pair these up, it almost looks like you’re wearing denim lipstick. If you don’t believe me, try it. I found this out by accident.

Soft matte gray lipstic from NYX

Lip of the Day

NYX also has a Lip of the Day line #LOTD that is super, super, crazy cute. Remember when I was being all side-eyed about striping my lips blue and gold above, but secretly crushing on the look, wishing I could do that sometime, so much that it hurt inside and I feared to write about it.

No, don’t worry about my fashion issues, worry about missing the chance to make your lips look blue and copper—which is like turning nude up a sexy notch, or lining black lipstick with a sensual champagne color. I did buy Lip of the Day in Gem (wow, I just now read the name of this lipliner and NYX gets mad points for making a truly outrageous Jem reference). So glad I got this… I haven’t been brave enough to use it yet, but I can’t wait. Be careful though, the testers I put on my hand a day ago are still there. Then again, the silvery blue, copper and bright Barney the Dinosaur purple are so cute, I did actually decide to leave them on my hand rather than go fetch the makeup remover.

Lip of the day in metallic pink

And Don’t Forget to Take the Trek

Seven of Mine, assimilate me!

Also, you really shouldn’t miss the Star-Trek themed MAC cosmetics out this season. I’m gunning for the Seven of Nine lipstick that actually does remind me of a shade I bought as a teenager in the nineties. Looks like I’ve long been assimilated! You can also glam up like Diana Troy among others, and of course, Uhura. They’ve got a big poster of that beautiful dancing green alien from the pilot episode, too.

Captain… *taps ear piece, and turns around in chair* we have a report: this is a wonderful time to be geek-chic.

Good work, number one. Engage!

Seven of Nine Star Trek makeup

Baby, when you look good, you can mix up all the Star Trek series references you want!

So, hopefully by now, I’ve turned you into a “Punky Brewster.” (Not the other kind, though I did get a pair of rainbow striped socks like hers from Claire’s last year.) Quoting a perfect description of nineties style from, “the decadently understated decade” mixed grunge and punk with a certain sweetness, and I think that now in 2016, we’re doing all that with guile. Maybe in twenty more years’ time, whenever the nineties styles come back around again, we’ll all be wearing darkly glowing rings floating around our necks instead of throwback chokers. Don’t blame me for the idea, blame that episode of Futurama.

I so miss Futurama.

Do you have a favorite crazy shade? Or, we could talk about Futurama. Or, chokers, lipstick and Futurama. That would be awesome.


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