Getting Punked: Chokers and More

Blue wig, purple lipstick, crystal aqua ring

Oh snap! Whether you’re ready for it yet or not, looks from the nineties have come back into fashion this fall. Yes, combat boots and plaid shirts may be involved—but I’m most excited about the 2016-meets-1995 unreal chokers that are bad-girl or bohemian while they seem to defy the laws of physics, and the dark, vampire-bitten lips in unbelievably creative sultry shades. You can cultivate these centerpieces of your “old school” outfit, and, actually, punk lips and chokers can save you some money too, if you pair them well with the clothes you already have.

This month, I’ll tell you where to find the clever chokers and smouldering lipstick right here in DC. First up… chokers! Continue reading Getting Punked: Chokers and More