Something Old, Rad, Borrowed and Bad

Blue embroidered mesh dress hanging beside yellow Rachel Roy dress with chain strap

I thought it would be fun to hook people up with some trendy, throwback, or otherwise awesome things going on in the world of geekdom and fashion. Here are my favorite finds for July…

And, I suppose… nice girls who are getting married look for something that is old, something that is new, something borrowed, and something that is blue. Well, I know that saying but… I don’t care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Something Old

Bright chartreuse green cover of Snotgirl no. 1. Lottie Person stares ahead in a lime haze.
Jesus… I want to be so green.

Snotgirl is hardly old, but it did first come out last year. I am completely obsessed, OBSESSED, with this comic book from the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series and Leslie Hung (you *must* follow her on Instagram, by the way, her artwork is so le sigh… fabulous). Snotgirl is a beautiful fashion blogger with horrible allergies. Seriously, when that was explained to me in the comic book store, when I regularly deal with stupidly horrible allergies and keep up sort-of-a-fashion-blog (What blog? You’re reading it now), I thought I’d been bodysnatched, in… comic book form? Seriously though, I met a few other women who could relate to the social and emotional struggles of the green haired fashionista lead.

Lottie Person, aka “Snot Girl” is very special. She’s infuriating to watch at times, as she gets up to soap opera style drama with her frenemies, ‘sort-of-on-a-break’ ex boyfriend, and then, somewhere in there… the cops get involved. I’m old enough to appreciate the ferocious rivalries between Sally Spectra and Stephanie Forrester from Bold and the Beautiful, but also young enough to want this to verge even deeper into dark Gossip Girl territory. Oh, and this beautifully drawn and inked comic has very strong anime tendencies, which I loved. I’m hoping for a creepy, fashionable mix of all three as the saga continues.

The last book club I went to for Snotgirl (yes, I did this) showed me that  other readers (there were lots of men and women present) found a lot of meaning in this comic too: Lottie deals with serious loneliness; anxiety; depression; and self-esteem issues. And Lottie is in this awkward stage of being—well, human—where she’s trying to understand her friends, career and romances, too.

snotgirl comic
Lottie Person & her pals in all their shameless, snotty glory.

I additionally liked that there was some cultural diversity in the comic. It feels weird to sort of… call out everybody, beyond that taking a while, but I am happy to give a shout out to the strong Asian characters central to the plot—and I think I even heard someone say that Snotgirl herself is supposed to be Korean? Very cool.

Anyway, you need to bone up on what Snotty has been doing all this time so you can keep up with the additional installments they’ve been releasing all year.

Something Rad

Poster with heroines and villains including Princess Leia, Batgirl, Xena, Chun Li and more
At my funeral in 70 years, when no one knows who these gals are (except for Xena, of course), can I be wrapped up in this and buried in it? I’d like to do that.

Can you name all of the heroines or villainesses going back generations on this insanely cool artistic print I got from Paper Source? I was determined to only window-shop when I was at their Georgetown store in DC, but $3.95 is a damn good price to see all your girlhood dreams on one precious piece of parchment. By the way, I got very fangirl and almost didn’t buy it—I swore that I would never spend money on something purported to represent all the best heroines of my childhood if Xena Warrior Princess was not included… and then… and I’m getting really tearful here… I saw her adorable, sucked-in-cheeked face beneath those brunette clipped bangs.

I’m not sure what to do with it. It seems so wrong, somehow, to cut it up or even wrap someone else’s present in it. Possibly, I’ll frame it… if i come up with anything craftier than that, I’ll surely let you all know.

Something Borrowed

boutique dresses all2
Lucked out with boutique dresses in every color…

Go boutiquing, go boutiquing, go boutiquing! I can’t say this enough, people. I was thinking back and realized that, last summer, I bought dresses in all the major Crayola colors, and at very reasonable prices. Some ladies out there who were happy to clean out their old wardrobes hooked me up. And if you read my interview with the talented Eugene Simms of ESA Style, LLC, you already know that men and women—everyone— benefits from a carefully curated wardrobe.

red dress texture
Many, tiny, mind-blowing adorable red poofs on this Weston dress.

I also love discovering new brands, since I don’t go to all the stores, everywhere. But, between all the women who sell their cute clothes to all the boutiques, we come pretty close. Pictured above: Looking at their website, Weston (the red dot dress) sells wholesale to boutiques; gray frilly dress is H&M (unbelievable!); green dress is more familiar… Calvin Klein; blue mesh dress is Baraschi; yellow dress with dark chain in mesh shoulder strap is Rachel Roy. And you should keep in mind… Rachel Roy sells some baller shoes. I might as well share a pic of my pair, the ‘gateway’ shoes that led to the life-changing shoe-splosion in my closet a few years ago. Which shows that it pays to try out new brands and investigate what you like. I was amazed to find such creative styles that fit my artistic personality.

red rachel roy shoe
Denim, studded, sparkling red Rachel Roy shoes.

Be empowered and check out your local boutique or vintage clothing place to find a bonafide steal that deserves a very karmic place in your own closet. I have tips here on the blog if you’re:

Something Bad

Well, I did say it was going to be wonderfully bad, so here goes…

Studio Killers stays killin’ it. I always seem to find the strangest adorable things on YouTube, don’t I? I know my wabi-sabi adoration of all things cute & weird isn’t to everyone’s taste (I have a giant ‘Be Your Best Bastard’ Shin Chan poster in my kitchen… you know, where I eat), but 80K+ people do ‘like’ Studio Killers’ Eros and Apollo on YouTube, so I figured it’s high time I introduced you, too.

I fell in love with this band because the music is amazing, of course, but I’m super really down with the lead singer and the confidence she has with her curvy body type—very Royal Jelly—and the songs that absolutely push boundaries. Whether she is a drawing or a real-life diva, the concept of lovely, chubby Cherry is mesmerizing in its defiance. In energy and in image, this band is beautifully modern. A stronger example of their radical prowess is “Jenny”, a song that Cherry is singing to her best girlfriend, whom she’s fallen in love with. Watch both.

Alright. Now that you’ve got something old and something rad, something borrowed and something bad, maybe you’ll have a little good luck today! Stay tuned for my next quirky, geek-chic collection…




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