Ace Attorney Week: The Vainglorious Reddit

We’re on the third installment of Ace Attorney Week on Royal Jelly. I’m spreading the word about this amazing fandom in the hopes that other people will love it as much as I do. By the way, I don’t work for CAPCOM. (I so wish, though…)

So, we’ve gone over the video game playthroughs on YouTube, and the anime so far. All from the perspective of someone who’s just now falling in love with the fandom and doesn’t own the game… quite yet. Need more? Good, because I have a ton more for you. An endless source of Ace Attorney goodness, in fact. Today, I highly recommend the Ace Attorney reddit.

Reddit is already a wonderful thing, obviously. But the Ace Attorney reddit is just so… perfect. Being new, I don’t understand every reference being made, of course. But I’ve been so entertained by the ‘ladder-step-ladder’ reference and others, like the protagonist’s strange obsession with clean toilets, and the whole ‘Japanifornia’ thing which I’m secretly hoping to drop in any conversation not Ace Attorney-related, since that’s such a hilarious concept. What’s Japnifornia mean? Well, it seems that the story is supposed to take place in L.A., but then again, the original version is set in Japan. Which means, of course… that the entire game (and the anime) look like they’re in Japan, but they keep telling us it’s in L.A… So that’s something else slightly janky (and charming) about the series…

Are you still with me after ‘Japanifornia’ and the ‘protagonist’s obsession with clean toilets’?

Man, are you perfect for this blog. I mean, I am so glad I reached you. Consider this your geek-chic sanctuary from now on, then. You’ve earned it!

Also thanks to the Ace Attorney reddit, I’ve learned that this game has actually inspired some people to go to law school (blew my mind), that there was almost an Ace Attorney dating sim game… I made a face over that, but then I stopped making my face when I thought of how hilariously fun that could be… just try and imagine Miles Edgeworth finally cracking a smile at you… I don’t know whether I’d grin back or shudder. Hey, don’t look at me, it gets explained in the trivia video below, which came to me straight from reddit, too. And there are a lot of other excellent surprising insights within…

I also found out about a Victorian Era/Meiji Period version of the Ace Attorney game that was released only in Japan: Dai Gyakuten Saiban Naruhodō Ryūnosuke No Bōken. Dear Lord, do I enjoy fancy things, and this really hits the spot. I think I also read that Ace Attorney can also (or should be considered) a “visual novel”, which makes even more sense considering how these are set up.

And then, I learned a lot more about the other cool characters in the game—and they look awesome—like Simon Blackquill. (You knew I was going to bring him up, didn’t you?) Blackquill is a samurai/lawyer (lots of these lawyers have super powers) which is pretty dang badass.

Simon Blackquill
Professor Simon Blackquill by Amaterasu 121 on

I’ll admit, I don’t know all of the cool characters at this point, but I am so excited about what I’m seeing so far. (You guys are going to have to tell me who to root for!) I really can’t tell you who my favorite one is, yet. I think that really says a lot for the series: I’m this much of a fan and I haven’t even touched the games yet. That’s pretty amazingly impressive.

Ace Attorney characters stand in profile.
By Amaterasu 121 on

Alright, I take that back… I guess I can say with confidence that, as far as favorite characters, I’m almost certainly on the Edgeworth wagon because of an incredible Ace Attorney fanfiction I discovered not too long ago (Now, now, don’t roll your eyes just yet. Let me ‘splain it to you first.)

I’ll share more about that amazing fan-written story on Friday… just in time for you to cuddle up to it over the weekend. Can’t wait! *squee*

Check in again on Friday…



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