Why “Royal Jelly?”

Nobody should ever feel ashamed of their body, geekiness or their personal style. So we’ve got to encourage one another.

Many people of color, like me, have beautiful, curvy bodies. Curves bounce, shimmy and jiggle like jelly. Our jelly is nothing to be ashamed of, and royal jelly happens to be the most precious treat that bees and wasps feed to their queens.

And before you put your clothes on, your jewelry, your shoes, get your hair did, your weave done, or put on your awesome mint wig… you’ve got to wear YOU first.

So always embrace your curves, your geeky style, whatever you are. And, embrace a regal attitude about life and embrace you!

About Me

me mint wig2
Puja B. Canta, creatrix, Royal Jelly

I am writing my first novel, I love writing fantasy stories on my fiction blog Randitty and my favorite book at the moment is “The Amazons” by Adrienne Mayor. (More proof that Xena: Warrior Princess may have actually existed!) And when I’m not being a complete fangirl about pink wigs, life and other geeky things, I work as a web editor and designer.

Need a Shout Out?

If you have an event or a business pertinent to the Black DC fashion, I’d love to tell the world about it on this blog. So, why not get in touch?


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