Have some royal jelly and come chill with me in the District of Cool.

Know how you find something geeky and cool online, then you fall down a fun rabbit hole enjoying your latest obsession for the next 20 minutes? And then the special moment ends. And it even takes a while to find something else you crave so much. Well, I am seriously good at finding geeky rabbit holes online. It’s a very strange super power that I have. So read Royal Jelly and let me seriously hook you up with something delightfully clever, every week.

Royal Jelly will take you on a laugh-out-loud adventure to your next favorite anime, shoe designer, video game, music band, Instagram obsession or store you can’t live without. (By the way, Gankutsuou, Melissa, Love Sick: Yandere Simulator, Steam Powered Giraffe, ONLINEKYNE, and Uniqlo, in that order.)

Royal Jelly was at first a fashion blog, but when I discovered I have a talent for finding awesome nerdy stuff online (again, very weird super power to have), I decided to add some ‘geek’ to all the ‘chic.’ By the way, this is also a Washington, D.C. based blog, since the nation’s capital happens to be all around me. So if you’re local, I’m on the ground in all your Ann Taylor LOFTs and Phantom Comicses, finding you your discounts… I post them all on Instagram when I can.

Hey, I hear you also write fantasy. Where’s your other blog?

Here you go: Randitty: Random and Witty, Multicultural Fiction. Shouldn’t be too surprising that I also write fantasy fiction. I mean, I would. Having all these other nerdy interests seems to lend itself to that, right? Well, you’re in luck if you like surly unicorns, warrior queens with pig powers, and essays about good food, Linkin Park and Puella Magi Madoka Magica… all while I finish up my first novel. And actually, my dream is to become a fantasy fiction novelist sometime soon.

Are the Bonus Challenges on Royal Jelly real?

The bonus challenges you keep seeing around the blog aren’t activated yet, but I am planning to have a way for readers to take the challenges and earn points for real life prizes on a regular basis. I’ll let you know once that’s up and running, don’t worry!

Fun nature fact

When it isn’t busy being a geek-chic blog, royal jelly is also an enriched treat that bees and wasps feed to their queens. So, you know… only the best for my readers…

Need a shout out?

If you have an event or a business pertinent to the Royal Jelly or the geek-chic scene in DC, I’d love to tell the world about it on this blog. So, why not get in touch?


me mint wig2
Puja B. Canta, creatrix, Royal Jelly. I’m the one with my arms crossed in the back. Okay, so… j/k



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