Elves, Planets and Tacos… Oh My

I know that I promised part two of my anime list, but I needed to take a break and share some of these cool geeky fashion items I saw on the mean streets of Washington, DC recently.

I haven’t quite got… stalker skillz? What would you call it–when you can stop people and take their picture right on the sidewalk. That weirds me out. But I am very good at remembering cool gear, remembering the minute details, and then finding it later, Google Search or not.

Have a peek…

Elf Ear Headphones

What makes these Elf Ear headphones even better is that the woman wearing them totally had wavy, kind of mussed hair and long sleeves that covered her hands almost… like a real elf! Awww…

Elf Ear Headphones

Tacos and Planets Bag

This Forever21 bag is very, very cute and very, very subtle. The tacos and planets will make you giggle every time. I wonder why they chose tacos and planets? It’s just wonderful.

Tacos and planets bookbag


Faux fur Tote Bag

Okay so… I actually own this Urban Outfitters bag. And I am obsessed with it. It gets compliments. Also, I noticed it had loose jellybeans inside after I brought it home for some reason… but those must have been left by the magical fairies that brought me this cute bag! *squee* Get it now, because it’s really on sale. I’m very picky about bags and this one is pretty much perfect. In person, the brown bag has this slight silvery sheen and it is incredibly soft as well as handsome. Everything fits inside.

Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Tote Bag

Louis Vuitton PALLAS

This Louis Vuitton PALLAS bag looked amazing in person. It was paired with tall stiletto heels, nice black slacks and a black peacoat. Lots of classy black peacoats out today in the slightly warmer weather.

Louis Vouitton PALLAS

Nike Check Solar Canvas Shoes

A very well-dressed man on the METRO was wearing these shoes with a nice black peacoat. I was really attracted to these shoes. They’re very chill-looking, and you just raise your eyebrows when you notice the big, black yet sophisticated Nike checkmark.

Nike Check Solar Canvas Skate Shoes

Sami Tudio Anti-Theft Backpack

And paired with this, those gray Nike shoes looked very cool. Find it on amazon.com.

SAMI STUDIO Anti-theft Backpack with USB Charging Port Business Laptop Backpack

And Bulbasaur… Seriously

And something for everyone… The Build-A-Bear in Pentagon City has pokémon, can you believe it?? Don’t make it a gift, get one for yourself. You can even have him specially made with the ‘Bulba!’ sound when you squeeze his squishy foot. I confess to also having this one and it is really lovely in person. Of course, you can also go online and get the special bundle.

It's... Bulbasaur!

When I got mine, the first thing I did… was give Leafy… a big hug.

I would also hug the Louis Vouitton bag if I could afford one. Shucks.


My Top Anime, Part 1

I’ve been wanting to share my personal list of top anime for a while because it isn’t a typical list at all, and I really want to see if I can turn some new people on to beautiful stories they haven’t heard of before. My favorite anime of all time made me feel something incredibly special or came along at a time in my life where I was ready for that particular story and capable of being blown away.

Since my list is probably unusual and I have a lot to say about each one, I’m breaking it up into part one and part two. Part one may be a little less surprising. Part two gets pretty wacky… Mainly, though, it’s fun to share one’s gateway anime and also which shows appealed to them most growing up. There’s like a party game in there somewhere: share your gateway anime; then the one that made you cry the most; then the one that made you laugh the most… And do a shot every time someone mentions Cowboy Bebop?

Anime From the Lens of a 90s Kid

A bit of context before I start my list… My sis forced us to watch Inuyasha in the 90s, so that was my gateway anime. And this also means I started in the era of downloading fansubs on forums… you couldn’t even buy the ones you wanted to watch subbed in English, let alone find dubbed versions of your favorite anime. Then I was exposed to Escaflowne, the classic Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Bebop which since became another classic, Twelve Kingdoms… I didn’t find out about the Studio Ghibli stuff until college. And college was also when Bleach exploded onto the scene and I went to my first anime convention.

Riding on a Escaflowne as dragon through a sunswept sky.
Escaflowne, by seli-chan on zerochan.net

The upshot of my particular list being… you may not have heard of some of these before. And they are all freaking wonderful. I should also note—I chose these, not for their quality or popularity. For me, it’s all about how each show made me feel; actually, how much love they made me feel. How deeply each one has impacted me and shaped my sense of humor or how I see life, and storytelling. So I’d say this is a list ranked by complete and utter subjective, illogical, instinctive, passionate love. You will not agree. But you will be highly amused.

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Last Minute (Seriously Last Minute!) Holiday Gift Ideas

These are gifts everyone will like that you can get right now (like seriously, this instant) or even after you’ve hopped out of the car or jumped off the plane. Good luck, my fellow princes of procrastination, you kings of last minute gifting!

Cider House Rules: "Good night you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England."

I’m ranking these by ease-of-access.

#1 Digital Copies of Video Games

I’m old school… I thought I was buying a copy of a game to send to my sister that would arrive in a plastic box and a tight wad of folded instructions inside to show her what to do after the CD installed on her computer and the game finished downloading gigs upon gigs of updates.

Cue Godvoice: “How wrong the 90s child was.”

Digital copies of online games like Cuphead, and certainly other digital games you can find in online stores, can be downloaded by you or your gift recipient in minutes. Then, once you have the game code, you can share it. The game may have an obvious ‘buy as gift’ option, or you may need to email it once you’ve received it after checkout. By the way, don’t make the same mistake I did… if you’re a n00b to this mysterious practice, don’t click through all the different windows after you buy a game until you accidentally redeem the code and claim it for yourself. Get the code, get it to the person you love.

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Sword-Chucks… That’s Right. Sword-Chucks

Today’s quote is…

“I’d be like Bruce Lee meets Musashi! Only better! God, I’m so brilliant!” – Fighter McWarrior

Sword. Chucks. You know, like nun-chucks, but all sword? Eyup… that’s what he just said.

Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!Red and white warrior Fighter sprite!



These days, I am very proud to say that I was there when the amazing 8-Bit Theater webcomic (I consider it the king of webcomics… well, granddaddy king) introduced the idea of sword-chucks. I laughed like a madwoman when the overly-typical melee character, named Fighter of course, announced that it would probably be a good idea. Probably?!

Sword-chucks, yo! Two swords attached by chains at the hilt as Fighter looks on...

Ahhh, 8-Bit Theater. A truly exceptional rabbit hole to find on the internet. What-it-is? A very, very good parody of  Final Fantasy and many other 8-bit video games. But 8-Bit Theater isn’t just that. I loved the dark humor and blatant slapping around Brian Clevinger did of his own characters (I think I enjoyed Red Mage’s horribly embarassing misadventures with 20-sided die the best). And other than being straight up, effing funny… this webcomic had a pretty great plot.

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Yandere Simulator: Yes, I Went There Too

I hope you’re ready, senpai. Our next rabbit hole involves a simulated Japanese high school and lots of juicy, yummy… murder.

So, the Senpai Notice Me music vid I mentioned last time caused me to dig a little further and find out what was actually behind all that dark hilarity. Why did it seem to feature a Japanese school girl running around taking out all the rivals for the boy she liked? And everyone was smiling about that? And it was a kinda cute & catchy, though creepy, tune? But this had to be a parody of a nice, wholesome senpai-related video game, right?

By ZeroAbsolu on zerochan.net

Um, no… Love Sick: Yandere Simulator is an actual computer game about a teen school girl who decides to take out all the rivals for her beloved senpai’s heart. Using murder. And other elimination methods. Yandere Simulator also has a GIANT following (and growing) eventhough it hasn’t even been completed yet. That’s very hard for me to wrap my mind around, but it sounds like that’s becoming more and more common these days for video games.

Yandere Simulator turned out to be another great online discovery that sucked me in, similar to the Ace Attorney games that I haven’t yet been able to play yet, becaaause… the fandom. Is. Hilarious. There is so much to be entertained by, and the game’s creator is fascinating, even inspiring. If you like video games and you like stories about the underdog punching corporate in-the-fayce, then read on.

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