Old School, Rad, Borrowed Bad: Akira & Friends!

Alright, hold onto your butts… this is going to start out epic and then get very silly, very fast.

Old School: This Dope Akira Jacket

So, here’s where the angerfying-ness comes in… I saw Akidearest wearing this f’ing rad jacket on Instagram, then noticed it was a re-stock (only a month ago), slept on the decision to spend $134, then made up my mind to go for it… and the next morning it was gone. Gone. So… yeah a little nerd rage there.

But at least I now get to share this mindblowingly spectacular jacket with you.

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Akihabara ❤ Jacket: @pinkcitygram

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So, lemme ‘splain this to you… This bomber jacket is created by very popular, talented DeviantArt artist Lovina Yavari. It’s modeled after the jackets worn by the biker gang, The Capsules, in the classic 1988 anime movie Akira. (I hear they’re planning a remake of this in the U.S. soon… especially interesting since the sci fi movie is set in 2019.) More than that, the jacket is, get this, reversible. Which is sick! The inside of the jacket has scenes from -the actual manga- on the sleeves and back.

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