High Cheekbones and Catseye Glasses

Black woman with high cheekbones, nice shirt and fancy glasses.

Another magical METRO moment happened this week when I noticed a Black woman in her 40s who’d paired her striking ethnic features with even more bold catseye glasses. Work those cheekbones, girl!

In a world where Black celebrities who’ve “made it” still get flack for being ‘too Black’ (think the negative reactions to Beyonce’s Black Panthers tribute), or a choice to wear dreadlocks at the Oscars unfairly earns comments about pot smoke (think Zendaya), Black women may feel pressure to downplay their best ethnic features at school and work.

ELLE magazine’s article about Zendaya was fantastic, by the way, if you want to know more about her other beautiful hair adventures (April edition, p. 252).

And then, unfortunately, when some Black women do become accomplished and are more accepted in mainstream society, we sometimes hear comments going in the other direction…

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