Red Valentino Hair, CHANEL and L.O.V.E. Letters… Let’s Accessorize!

A Black woman with an adorable red bob haircut and matching lipstick.

Now that we’re at the start of real spring weather and on the razor edge of winter, the Black women of DC are wearing some very creative styles — and I’ve noticed. Here are a few precious spring finds, and one local store that has insane winter deals if you don’t mind going back, to stock up for the future.

Your Spring Flings

Red Valentino bag and matching hair

I saw a very cute artistic couple strolling on their way to Adams Morgan. The young woman had, no lie now, a beautiful bob cut that was the exact same color of this bag she was toting. WOW. That is so very difficult to do, but this girl nailed it. A wild, metallic paprika shade! I saw the big “V” on the bag and was able to track it down later with that much information.

Metallic red Valentino bag.
Red metallic Valentino bag at

CHANEL pearl glasses with matching shoes

First, before I explain what I saw while on the Red Line, here’s the extreme version on Rihanna, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

Images of Rihanna wearing pearl CHANEL sunglasses.
Google image search did not let me down at all on this one.

Well, in real life, some lovely person thought to grab some conservative CHANEL shades for her on-the-way-to-work-wear with just a hint of those pearls…

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