Objection! Why I Love Ace Attorney

Shopping for a new fandom to become obsessed with?

Then it’s time for you to immerse deep beneath the slightly wonderful, overly-dramatic, emotionally intense world of… don’t laugh now… Ace Attorney. In fact, consider this Ace Attorney Week on Royal Jelly. I’ll be sharing new dimensions of the fandom for you to savor, all week long.

Godot, Mia, Miles, Pearl, Maya, Scruffy, and Phoenix pose in court.
From Yuffie on zerochan.net

So… How to begin? You’re either cackling mad laughter right now because you already know and have been exposed to this CAPCOM video game for Nintendo DS that came out a whiiile back in 2001, or you are wondering how someone even made a video game (at this point, I realize you’re still taking my word for it) about… an attorney? In the first place? But there is so much more involved in this. And I’m not just talking spirit mediums. There’s also a movie, an anime, a few musicals, tons of beautiful fan art, moving fanfiction stories… This week, you’re in for a great ride.

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